A downloadable game

To celebrate 2019, a little playable allowing you to enjoy WarpThrough's enemies exploding into fireworks! 

Controls:  Any key to spawn fireworks!

Escape to go to the menu

The arrow keys to navigate the menu (only the arrow keys and Escape, no space bar, enter key or anything!)

WarpThrough will be releasing in 2019, follow the development on fb.com/roofkatgames or take a look at warpthrough.com  once in a while :)


If you've got screen tearing issues, setting the screen to max resolution but putting it to windowed mode (which acts like fullscreen since its the max resolution) may fix it.
(It's inside Boring Settings because changing screen resolutions isn't super fun)

Install instructions

Download the WTFireworks.zip file, 
unzip it using WinRAR or 7Zip, 
execute WTFireworks.exe

And enjoy!


WTFireworks.zip 86 MB

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