A downloadable game for Windows

WarpThrough is a fast paced action game where you can’t attack until you stop moving.

Balance going through warpholes and keeping the monsters in check,
make split second decisions to dodge your foes or take them down
and help Charlotte, Three, Ebbie and Manor to stop the monsters infestation!

This is a short demo for Warpthrough, showcasing the first level, a little bit of the story, and it's main gameplay. If you're interested, please wishlist the game on Steam, check out WarpThrough.com, or follow Roofkat's twitter :)


How to play the game:

You will choose WASD or the arrow keys when booting up the game for the first time. Those are the only keys you'll have to use in the entire game (along with Escape to bring up the pause menu). 

If you want to play locally with up to 3 friends, press Escape in-game to go into the pause menu, and increase the player count there. You can find & adjust what keys they use in the main menu.

Notice: Controller support is not properly set up yet, and if you have a 'normal' keyboard, you will likely experience keyboard ghosting if you are playing with more than two players at the same keyboard. Plugging in a second keyboard can help you play with up to 4 players :) 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRamon Huiskamp
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, Arcade, Pixel Art, Retro, Short

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, and unpackage it in a location of your chosing. Then go to warpthrough.exe and execute it.

Your virus scanner may complain, as virus scanners think .exe files are scary. How to deal with this depends on your virus scanner, it can be as easy as clicking 'more information' and 'run anyway' with Windows Defender, or you may have to look into your scanner's quarantine and whitelist the files manually.

If you have any trouble running the game, or encounter any errors or crashes, please email support@roofkatgames.com!


WarpThrough 0.91-2 115 MB


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Played this in the newest episode of my indie review series, had a really good time with this game, thanks again!

Thank you again for playing ^^

Hi ! Really fun game you guys have here! I died a lot but enjoyed playing it a lot ! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details:


Hey, thanks a lot for playing :)

I recall seeing it before but haven't looked into it enough yet - I'll check it out and will probably participate, seems like a cool competition ^^
May I ask your name so I know who from GDWC played WarpThrough already?


Sure, My name is Will Namessi, Good luck in the competition ! 

Getting to 35 seems like quite a challenge but it's been cool setting a new personal record. There are so many monsters I think I'll need a gun from dad. :)


Saw your post on twitter - a lot of fun to see you play, thanks for recording it :)
And it looks like you got quite far too!

In the full game there's a character with a gun.

But ... he's not going to make it easier ;) 

I wasn't sure what to expect with the combat so intrinsically tied to the combat, but it makes for a really interesting dynamic of having to plan really quickly in order to attack and not die. The Warp energy is a great incentive to keep going and the reward is definitely worth it. The characters had a lot of character too, well done!

Hey CoalFire,
Thanks for playing - it was a lot of fun to watch.
Great to hear you liked it :)