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Welcome to Jelly Tower Quest!

It's a short physics esq puzzle-platformer where you collect jelly bears so you can climb a tower to another jelly bear.

Made by Britta Amons (Art)  & Ramon Huiskamp (Design & Tech) within 48 hours!
(Some art was added for the updated version!)

You can find Britta at artstation.com/brytte
You can find Ramon at ramonhuiskamp.com

How to play the game:

Use WASD / arrows + space (&shift) to move
Left click mouse to grab / throw Jellies
(You can only grab when on the ground)
Esc to quit

Controller is also supported, but mouse+keyboard is recommended! 
Controller uses left stick to move, right stick to look, bottom face button to jump, left face button to sprint and right bumper to grab/throw.

Good luck!

Install instructions

Download the .rar file, unpackage the file with Winrar or 7zip, doubleclick the 'JellyTowerQuest.exe' file.


JellyTowerQuest - Updated version 92 MB
JellyTowerQuest - 48h version 90 MB

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