Discs don't have to be violent - this disc just really wants to be with it's unicorn friend!

In order to keep it up in the air, you may have to sacrifice one, two, or.. a couple of friendly jellies. But that's okay! It's in the name of friendship.

Click on jellies to launch them up in the air to juggle the sawblade, and try to keep it near the unicorn as long as possible. Don't let the sawblade fall through the floor! It's a sawblade, and it'll saw all the way down to hell, which is not cool. Luckily there's a quick restart button in case you need it.

If the game isn't playing smoothly, try enabling the 'optimize bodies' option, which will clean up body parts a lot faster.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRamon Huiskamp
Made withUnity
Tagsdisc, disc-jam, dj, Gore, juggle, saw, sawblade, Singleplayer, unicorn


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DiscJuggler V0.4(Download) 24 MB


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The number in top left corner is kinda confusing, I would conciser removing it. Other thing, that could be better is font. To be honest it makes your game look a bit cheap. Over all I like the simple concept. Great work, buddy!


Yeah I should start collecting some different fonts, good suggestion :)
Cheers man!


Funny concept and unique gameplay. My best time is only 13.43 though. I wish I could click and drag to send lots of the little dudes up at once. More than once I messed up because I missed a click, and it would be nice if I could just drag over to the guy instead of re-clicking.


Ah, that's a good call :) I will think about adding that if I update the game.


An occurrence of wholesome gore, unexpected but welcome ^^


Delightfully evil.

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Haha the best response we could hope for ;)