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You got a kitten about a week ago, and it turns out to be a destructive little bastard. You still love him tho. So while working from home the kitty keeps destructing your precious furniture behind your back. Prevent your kitty from destructing stuff by distracting him and playing with him. The goal is to get as much work done as you can with as little broken furniture as possible. 

(Based on a true story)

Requires a mouse (preferably with scroll wheel!) to play. 

Install instructions

Unpackage the .zip file and execute 'DestructiveKitten.exe'


DestructiveKitty_2019-01-27_13-55.zip 92 MB


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controls didn't work at all for me but cute game!

Sorry to hear that didn't work!
It should just require the mouse, left click, right click, and optimally (but not necessarily) the scrollwheel. Did that not do anything?

Thanks for giving it a try though :)

Thanks for making me laugh during the GGJ!

I briefly covered Destructive Kitty in our jam roundup:

Very welcome!
Thanks for playing it, and really fun to see what you wrote ^^

Fun little game!  Accurately simulates the struggle of trying to work with a kitty! 

Right? :p 

Thanks for giving it a go, fun to see you play it!